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How it Works?

Unending Tasks for Young Brains

Let information come to us from all directions.


Online Quiz competition for students to win Prizes and Sponsership

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Schools & Institutes

A short and informal test of student understanding is a quiz. We frequently provide quizzes to students at all academic levels to quickly assess their understanding of the course material and give teachers an understanding of their progress and any knowledge gaps.

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Receive a certificate for a year of free teacher training.

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Happy Students

The chance to win prizes every day through our quiz series excites the pupils.


Sponsorships Done

Eduquiz always encourages students to succeed and have a good future.


Gifts Won

Participants are ecstatic about receiving rewards and expanding their knowledge


The EduQuiz Experience as Reported by Teachers and Children


I'm overjoyed to see my kid receiving numerous presents and growing in their knowledge.


Participating in EduQuiz on a daily basis enhanced my IQ level. It enabled me to obtain my school's academic fee as a scholarship.


As a teacher, I referred many students and helped them expand their knowledge as well as their IQ.

“To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.” - Confucius